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10 Signs Your Hookup Has Feelings for You

It often seems that the most popular things have a transparent meaning and are explicit, but not all things are that simple. Like happiness, love, and other feelings that have dusted from society's thoughts, gloss, marketing, etc. The signs may have different meanings, and it all depends on the circumstances and individuals. Today some people even may speculate with love; they can talk about love at every corner. So how to understand if the person you like has feelings for you for real?
There are an incredible number of types of love, and often we love those whom we respect. We may fall in love with a person and want to be part of a team, we may need to have a person as a thing on the shelf, we may love a person for their success, we may want to be able to see someone daily, or we need to hide from our own. Problems. Loving is a huge responsibility. Love imposes a huge responsibility and adds a lot of work so take your time and read on.
Sign 1. Openness
The main component of love and true feeling is openness. It is impossible to be unconscious. It is impossible to be unreal and truly love. Being honest is difficult because it takes a lot of thought to understand your true point of view.
Sign 2. No Violence
We consider violence anything that goes against your will. Even under the words "It will be better for you", "you promised", "we agreed." All these forms mean that you are forced to do something for another person's benefit since those who love you seem to know better. But this is not the case. Love is not about that.
Sign 3. Respect
The main and very sincere expression of love. If you are respected for your path, and not the result, if a person is glad that you are near if they don’t think that something you do is done by itself - this is love.
Sign 4. Gratitude
If you want to thank a person for what happens to you when he/she is around, this is love. If you feel good while starting a hookup dating, but there is no gratitude, this is sympathy or sexual attraction. It's good, but it will go soon.
Sign 5. Respect for Boundaries
A mandatory feature is the understanding that each person has feelings and boundaries that must be respected during hookup dating. You do not get permission to get into a person's head, panties, telephone, etc.
Sign 6. Trust
If there is no complete trust, all previous points fall like dominoes. If you love a person, you understand that he is the best in the world and will not hurt you.
Sign 7. Be and Do Anything
When someone falls in love with you, you can be and do anything. Can you be like this when it's true love for you? Yes, if it doesn't hurt the one, you love. This is the main thing.
Sign 8. Freedom
This is the main point. Love was not created for us to degrade - nature invented it for the development of people. Also, nature allowed us to create. The main goal of love is to strengthen a person and inspire super possible strengths. If there is no freedom, there will be no real creativity.
Sign 9. Let it Go
If love is sincere, it does not devalue another person with help, advice, notation. You will know exactly when you or a date loves truly - you do not feel like an object of love. And you can simply let things go for the happiness of each other.
Sign 10. Loving Attitude
The academic explanatory dictionary says that love is a feeling of deep heartfelt affection for a person of the opposite sex. The opposite sex in the 21st century! Well, love is a feeling of deep heartfelt affection for any person. We fall in love and feel the desire for purely sexual satisfaction too. And this feeling is about a person.