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Know Your Dating Sites: Explore Hookupid Reviews.Trust but verify! There’re lots of sites to find a hookup online, but only a few will guarantee you a great night. Hookupid’s experts checks out and reviews various dating platforms to test the usability and determine which ones to use and what services to avoid.

The Best Adult Hookup Sites to Get Laid Tonight

Out with the old, and in with the new! Here are some of our favorite adult hookup websites you need to try if you’re looking for casual sex & dating.

How Safe Are Those Adult Hookup sites?

You probably know that there is a lot of adult hookup and dating sites on the web. What you might not know is that not every adult dating site is safe to use! While many are legitimate services that have real people & actually help you get laid, there are unfortunately also a wide variety of websites that prey on the lonely in order to steal their credit card information… and they don’t help you get laid at all! Although you might have these problems elsewhere, you can feel confident with the casual dating websites on our list. If you’re looking for safe sex (both in terms of online dating & using protection), then look no further than the websites below!
logo together2night

With over 0.7 million members worldwide, Together2night is a well-established dating & hookup website perfect for the adult looking to get laid tonight. Most of the users on this website are around 23-24 years old, making it a great way to meet young women looking for a good time. Anyone can join this website for free & browse the members, but if you want to start a chat, then you’ll have to become a member. Prices are cheap, though, ranging from $2.14 for a three-day trial to $69.20 for half a year of membership ($11.53 per month).
logo IWantU

This adult hookup & dating website doesn’t provide any information on the number of members they have, but in our experience, it seems to be quite popular! Members tend to be younger, ranging from 25-34 years old, and women have the majority on the website. IwantU lets you make an account for free and browse the local users, but (as is common with many hookup websites), you’ll have to buy a membership if you want to start flirting in the DMs. Membership prices range from a single-day trial for $0.99 to a three-month membership costing $64.90
logo UpForIt

This website is smaller than the others on the list, with just over 50,000 adult members from the US. Most members using the site to hookup fall between 18 to 44 in age, making it a great dating site if you’re looking for younger to middle-aged women. Unlike many other sites, UpForIt allows free users to send up to 5 free messages to test out the water, which is a nice feature. For unlimited messaging, you can upgrade to a premium membership at $27.30 per month (or you can save money by buying half a year of membership for only $73.80!).
logo Hookupdaters

This new site hasn’t released its total membership numbers, but the dating platform’s audience is mainly comprised of young adult singles looking for a fun time. You can sign up for free, but most features will require a full membership, so we would consider it more of a “paid” adult dating site. Prices are fairly standard, with a 3-month membership costing $64.90.
logo AshleyMadison

With over 17 million members in the US alone, AshleyMadison is a great dating website (there’s also an app available) to use if you’re looking to cheat your girlfriend. No, we’re not joking - that’s originally what this adult hookup site was created for! Females get a great deal on this website because they can use all the features for free. Men, on the other hand, only get likes, winks, and the ability to view profiles for free. Unfortunately for the guys, anything more will require forking over your credit card. Prices for AshleyMadison go by credits, not monthly memberships. At the low end, 100 credits will cost you $59. At the high end, 1,000 credits will set you back $289, making this site unreasonably expensive for some potential users.

What’s the Difference Between a Hookup and Friends with Benefits?

A hookup is generally regarded as a one-time meetup, when two (or more) people come together, have sex, then go their separate ways. It turns into a “friends with benefits” situation if those people keep getting back together to mingle. In that sense, a hookup is a single sexual meetup, whereas “friends with benefits” are people that routinely see and enjoy bed action with each other. Although you are considered friends, it’s important to note that you don’t actually have to hang out with the other person to be considered “friends with benefits”; the only requirement is that your hookup often. It’s different from dating, where the people are romantically involved with each other.

Which Hookup Site is Best for Younger Guys?

If you’re a younger adult looking to go for one-night dates rather than to start dating, you have a couple of options for adult sites. Our top hookup site recommendation is because although a few members are looking to start dating & find love, most are just there for a quick hookup and don’t want to make any serious commitments. If you’re unsure if you want to hookup or start dating, then you should consider IwantU. This site caters to both hookups and online dating, so you won’t be limited to just one option.

Which Hookup Dating Site is Best for Older Men?

If you’re an older adult man looking for some fun, then you have a wide variety of options. Which site you choose depends on if you’re looking for an adult meetup or to start dating. If you’re looking for one night dates, then we think you’ll have the best chances of getting laid on Since most women on this website are younger (around 24 years old), you won’t have any trouble finding young sexy women to hookup with on this casual dating website.

What Are the Best Free Casual Sex Sites With No Credit Card or Registration?

If you’re looking for the best casual dating & hookup website (as a man), then you’ll probably try to find a website that doesn’t require a credit card or even registration. Sadly, only half of these demands are possible. Every reputable website is going to require you to register for their services, so that isn’t something you will be able to avoid.
However, it is possible to use online dating services without providing credit card information! All of the websites above can be technically used without a credit card, but all (with the exception of one) severely limit the number of features you can use and don’t even allow you to send messages without a premium membership. It’s not unlimited, but if you’re looking for the best completely free experience, then is the obvious choice. You get five messages for free, which will help you decide if the site is a good fit for you.


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