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Benaughty Review

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Pros and Cons of Benaughty

The pros of the Benaughty app are:

Simple and straightforward to use
Aimed at people looking for sexual encounters
One of the best sites around

The cons of the Benaughtyapp are:

Not aimed for users looking for relationships and long-term commitment
There are a lot of bots on the site

The Best Hookup Sites: Is Benaughty Legit?

Benaughty is legit as a dating site. For every bad review, there is at least one good review close behind. It’s legit and stands up well against all the other sites. Like many dating sites, you will see bots and scammers, but these are easy to spot.

How Does Benaughty Work?

Benaughty is a dating site for singles and couples searching for hookups. There is an active community when it comes to the messaging features. The Benaughty app works well and holds up against other sites for several reasons.
Firstly, the website design is simple, and the site is easy to navigate. The free membership gives you access to all search filters. This can lead to a high number of matches. Another bonus is that you can see the users who are online and available to chat. Not only that, there is also the facility to upload videos to a profile too. This attracts more attention than a profile that only has photos on it.

Benaughty Member Structure

In the United States alone, Benaughty has around 500,000 members. Some sites have larger memberships, but this is still a creditable size. Around 120,000 users are active week. This is a good proportion of the total membership number.
Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the membership structure is the ratio of female users to male users. This stands at 60% female: 40% male. The site has particularly high activity from female users. This is unsurprising as female users get unlimited free messaging. With so many more women than men, the structure means that this is a great site to use if you are looking to hook up with single women near you.

Costs and Pricing

Duration Costs
Join for 1 month $27.01 / Month
Join for 3 months $15.15 / Month
Join for 6 months $12.24 / Month

Benaughty Special Features

There are several special features on the benaughty app. You can promote your account by sending winks to potential matches. In Full Safe Mode, only verified members would be able to send messages to you. Similarly, Basic Safe Mode will block users who have been flagged for suspicious activity.

Security and Support

Review after review of this hookup site mentions how good the 24/7 available customer support is. Hookup sites often tend to attract scammers, so Benaughty.com stands up well against other sites. It’s easy to flag and report suspicious activity online, and users can block other users.
Our Experience on Benaughty

Sign Up Process

So, as sites go what the sign-up process like with Benaughty.com is? Well, it is simple and quick to join. You can be signed up and logged in and ready to go in just a matter of minutes. For many people, this will be seen as a real plus point. However, there are some potential drawbacks. The part of the sign-up process that asks users to complete profile information can be skipped.

This means that the detail on many profiles is a little bit lacking. When you are on sites you will want to find out as soon as possible if a user is a potential match, but if the profiles lack of detail, this can be hard to establish.

Creating a Profile on the Benaughty App

Creating a Profile

Creating a profile on the Benaughty app is a simple and seamless process. To become a member, you will need a few basic details about your personal information. This includes age, gender, and location. You will also need to submit a valid email address.

Because most of the registration steps can be skipped, you will find that many profiles are not that detailed. Photos need to pass community standards. Checks are made to ensure that the photos have not been uploaded to other sites. The site checks for fakes and also scans for nudity and pornographic content. Profile pictures are free for everyone to see.

Matchmaking on Benaughty

Matchmaking on Benaughty

Matchmaking on Benaughty.com is a real bonus. Like all sites, this service's focus is on putting open-minded singles in touch with like-minded people. This is a site that lets people be who they want to be. You can be yourself on this site.Because there are many different ways for users to let other users know that they are interested in them, it’s easy to find matches on the site.

Treat other users with respect and be honest, and there’s every chance that you can find a perfect match on this site. If casual meetups are what you are looking for, few dating sites can match Benaughty.com.

How to Contact Other Users

It’s easy for users to contact each other on the site. This is especially true for women users. There are far more women on-site than men, and one of the special features of the service is those female users face no costs for messaging.Other key features to contact other users include the ability to ‘wink’ at and ‘favorite’ other users. You also make contact in the chatrooms on the site.

You need a premium account to see more information, beyond the basic profile pictures on site, of other users. All in all, the site makes it simple for users to get in contact with each other online.

Experts’ Conclusion on Benaughty
If you are looking for a hookup site that is fun and casual and a great way to find no-strings fun, the Benaughty app is worthy of inspection. Joining the site is easy and effortless. A real plus point is that the search features are simple and effective to use. Compared with many other dating sites, the premium paid features are more plentiful and better than other services.
Compared with many traditional dating sites, Benaughty is fun and lets you get straight down to the excitement. Setting up a hookup can take just a few minutes. If casual meets are what you are looking for, Benaughty could be the site for you.


1. Who is benaughty.com owned by?

Together Networks Limited owns Benaughty.

2. How do I renew my full membership to benaughty?

Your membership will automatically renew. You can cancel or update at any time in Account Settings.

3. Is it possible to block another member on benaughty?

Yes, you can flag users for suspicious behaviour and use the safe mode to stop messages from being sent to you.