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Know Your Dating Sites: Explore Hookupid Reviews.Trust but verify! There’re lots of sites to find a hookup online, but only a few will guarantee you a great night. Hookupid’s experts checks out and reviews various dating platforms to test the usability and determine which ones to use and what services to avoid.

The Best Gay Hookup Sites to Find a Man

So many sites to go through, so little time. But you don’t need to search for the perfect grounds to secure a steamy and fun gay hookup without commitment, as we have done everything for you. Read our thorough reviews for LGBT dating platforms with insights about an audience and pricing!

Gay Hookup Dating

Sometimes, a full relationship isn’t what you’re looking for. You’re not alone - many other gay singles are looking for something quick! Enter, gay hookup dating! This unique type of dating focuses on connecting singles for a night of fun. Nothing more, nothing less. These one night dates are a great way to meet other gay men without the complications that can come with a full relationship. But what websites are best to use? Read on to find out!
logo GaysTryst logo GaysTryst

With over a million members worldwide (and 350,000 from the US alone!), GayTryst is a website specifically for gay men looking for casual dating or a quick hookup. This website only allows gay men to join, which is great because you’ll only encounter men looking for the same thing you are! The majority of the features (browsing, the “Like Gallery,” favorites, and sending Winks) are free. As usual, the chat is a premium feature, which helps keeps the scammers & fake accounts to a minimum. Membership is surprisingly cheap, starting as low as a dollar a day & going up to $48.60 for three months of membership.
logo BuddyGays logo BuddyGays

This website is another online dating site for gay men only. With 300,000 members from the United States, you won’t see any shortage of men from different “tribes” (bear, twink, daddy, clean-cut, geek, BDSM, and jock) on this website. Account creation, “Hot Or Not,” & profile viewing are all free features. Want to view photo albums or send private messages to other gay men? You can, but it will cost you from $0.99 per day to $48.60 per three months. The prices for this website are pretty low, but we recommend purchasing a longer membership if you want to get the lowest cost per month!
logo OneNightFriend logo OneNightFriend

Open to men & women of all sexual orientations, OneNightFriend is a website designed for singles looking for a quick mingle - AKA an OneNightFriend! This online dating website has over half a million members from the US alone (the majority of which are men), making it a great way to find gay men for a quick night of fun. Joining, sending a few Winks, viewing the “Like Gallery,” & basic searches are all free, but important features like messaging or viewing profiles are limited to paying members only. Membership prices are slightly on the high side, ranging from $39 for one month to $106.20 for half a year.
logo EbonyFlirt logo EbonyFlirt

If you’re looking for gay black men in your area, then EbonyFlirt is here to help! With over 150,000 members from the US & many more around the world, EbonyFlirt caters to black men & women looking for anything from a quick hookup to a long term relationship (although non-black people can still join). Most features are free, but unlimited chat is a paid feature. Free members do get to have a little fun, though, with five free messages a day! If you want unlimited, expect to pay anywhere from $28.80 a month to $79.20 for half a year of membership.
logo Grindr logo Grindr

With over 27 million members around the world, Grindr is a well-known dating website & app in the gay hookup community. 100% of the members on this service are men, so you won’t have to search around to find what you’re looking for. Members tend to be younger, ranging from 25 to 34 in age. Grindr offers all the basic features you would need (such as messaging, up to 100 matches, joining a single tribe, and exploring profiles) for free; the paid version offers an ad-free experience with up to 600 matches, push notifications, unlimited favorites, and more. For this premium setup, Grindr requires gay men to fork over anywhere from $13 for a single month to $176.46 for an entire year.

Things You May Need for a Gay Hookup

Even if you know you’re looking for a gay one-night-stand, there are a couple of things to do before you’re ready to meet up with other gay men. For starters, protection is key, so make sure you have some condoms on hand. After that, you’ll have to pick the right outfit. Remember, presentation is everything in the LGBT community. It’s especially important when you’re looking for a hookup, so look your best! You’ll also want to make sure you’re nice & clean, so be sure to shower, do your hair, clean your face, & put on your favorite spray before going on your hookup! Of course, the same rules apply when you’re dating as well, so if you’re not sure, think back to your pre-date routine for ideas.

Does Online Dating Work for a Gay Person?

Of course! Online dating works for everyone, whether you’re straight, gay, male, female, trans, bi-sexual, or whatever you choose to identify by! However, your success in dating online or finding a hookup will be largely dependent on which dating services you choose to use, which is why it’s so important to use a quality dating site! Fortunately, with the list above, you’ll already have a great list of dating & hookup services that are vetted & actually work, so you won’t have to trial-and-error your online escapades! For dating, we recommend If you’re looking for a hookup, then is the site you need to try.

Are Hookup Apps Safe?

Yes & no. While some hookup & dating services have a better reputation than others, it’s also important to take some precautions when dating online in order to protect yourself. First, to stay safe while dating guys online, you’ll want to use only reputable sites. We’ve listed some of the best gay hookup & dating on the web in the list above, but of course, you’re also free to try other ones as well. You should take a look at the reviews of gay dating or hookup services before you sign up, so you don’t join something that doesn’t work or has a lot of scammers. Once you do join an online LGBT community, it’s up to you to protect yourself. You can do this easily by not oversharing information, meeting in only public places, limiting the number of nude pictures you send (if you do choose to send them, don’t include your face in the picture), and avoiding anyone that seems even slightly suspicious. Once you decide to hookup or start dating in real life, remember to play it safe & always use a condom.

Why Are Married Men On Gay Hookup Sites?

Not too long ago, being gay wasn’t as widely accepted as it is today. This unfortunate situation led to a lot of queer men to avoid coming out, denying themselves a true chance at dating & romance. Instead, they felt forced to marry a woman, despite not being sexually attracted or compatible with them, because (by society’s standards) it was the “right thing to do.”
Thankfully, we’ve made a lot of progress as a society since these times, but just because public opinion has changed doesn’t mean these marriages are annulled. As such, many men are still stuck in these relationships they don’t really want, which is why it’s fairly common to see married men on gay dating & hookup websites! While it might seem obvious to just leave these relationships and pursue happiness elsewhere, often that isn’t a realistic option or even a safe choice to make, so don’t judge when you see these men online. If you take the time to get to know them, you may very well find the perfect hookup or even start dating!


You see a lot of people online every day, but with all the fake accounts and scam profiles you hear about all the time, it can be hard to tell who is real and who’s not. Even worse, what if the site you’re on leaks personal data? How can you be sure that you’re using a real and secure service and won’t ruin your chances at finding an online relationship? That’s easy! With Hookupid, you can read the reviews and discover real & verified sites for dating and mingling, so no-one will have any doubts, & you’ll be able to meet guys much easier. Explore our ratings today!