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Cheap Hookup Sites in 2021 You Should Know About

There are hookup dating sites, and then there are “dating” sites. Some cheap dating sites are explicitly designed to help people find long-term partners and get married, while other sites are less explicit but are certainly geared towards users who want long-term relationships.

What is a Hookup Site?

All cheap dating sites are more open-ended. They can be used to find a long-term relationship or to see what happens. And then there are cheap anonymous hookup sites. These are sites designed for people to engage in casual, physical, possibly even one-night relationships. In 2021 in the US, most people are mature enough to understand that different people want different relationships, and that’s OK. These sites are very user-friendly, so you'll find your soul mate quickly thanks to the newest search features.
logo OneNightFriend

With a reported member base of over one-and-a-half million, seems great. However, the ratio appears to be 75% male, 25% female, and the free version is quite limited. With plans ranging from $15-$30/month, the paying mode is pretty cheap, but there are many fake profiles. There’s an app for iOS but not Android.
logo Tenderfling

Exact numbers are hard to find, but is said to have a “large” membership base for a hookup site. The free version doesn’t even allow you to message. The trial is cheap ($4.47 for three days) but $34.99 for a month is not cheap. The features are basic, and there are tons of fake profiles.
logo Bumble

The unique thing about Bumble is that women have to message first, which gives them more control but can also be a burden. There is an easy-to-use app for both Android and iOS. Bumble is free but has in-app purchases ($22.99 per month). There are 12.3 million monthly users, 1.35 million of whom pay for the privilege.
logo Hinge


Hinge has about 1.2 million users who are, presumably, trying to find a long-term romantic partner. Hinge has a well-designed app for both Android and iOS. Hinge is free but paying members ($12.99 per month or $20.99 for three months) get some perks. Hinge is more focused on thought-out profiles and not just endless swiping.
logo Grindr


Grindr is a cheap gay dating app largely used for hooking up (though not exclusively so). It is used by men seeking men on Android and iPhone. Grindr has more than five million monthly users globally. Grindr is free to use, but paying members ($9.99 per month or less for longer subscriptions) can use more features.

Do Legitimate Cheap Hookup Sites Actually Exist?

They do! There are anonymous hookup sites out there where you can sign up, set up an account, message people, make contact, and yes, even hookup. All of this for a cheap price or even free. Having said that, there are a ton of fake cheap hookup sites out there, so do you have to be careful. It’s easier for gay men because there’s less threat of sexual violence and shaming when two men are involved (though there is still a risk). It’s harder to meet a woman on a cheap site and hookup, but it’s possible with some tact.

What Separates the Good Cheap Hookup Sites from the Bad?

All cheap hookup sites will have fake profiles; that’s just the nature of the business. The question is, how many fake profiles do they have, and are these fake profiles used by the cheap site to get you to join up with a paying membership. Cost is also a factor, but the free hookup sites aren’t always very good. You also have to consider what you want. If you know that you only want to hookup, then a site like Bumble and Hinge are probably not good for you because many of those users are not looking to hookup.

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HookupID evaluates, reviews, and ranks cheap hookup sites to help users find the best cheap service for their needs. Founded in 2020, HookupID’s mission statement is to combat the problem of untrustworthy cheap dating sites, especially fraudulent cheap hookup sites, on the internet. There is a huge variety of cheap dating platforms out there, but how can you know which ones are legit and which ones offer the type of services for which you’re personally looking for? At a cheap price, no less. HookupID offers reviews of a plethora of cheap hookup sites. On HookupID, you can find proven information about what different cheap sites have to offer and how they operate.


Why Do People Use Online Cheap Hookup Sites?

Many people enjoy casual dating and casual sex. Cheap hookup sites make casual dating easier.

Are Cheap Hookup Sites Safe?

Be safe. Some sites use malware and when meeting somebody, always meet in public first.

How to Avoid Getting Caught on Cheap Hookup Sites?

Some sites specialize in extramarital affairs. You needn’t state you’re looking to hookup in your profile.