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Discover the Best Cougar Hookup Sites

Everyone has a particular preference and ideals of what they want their life partner to possess. Others simply fetishes being and experience casual sex with different types of people. Cougar sites let adult women indulge in these by providing a forum for meeting single young men.
However, not every site promises the same experience. We prepared a list of the top 5 cougar sites that we believe will help you initiate your journey.

Are Cougar Dating Sites Safe for Adult Singles

Dating online comes with the inevitable threat of being scammed or catfished. There are plenty of malicious people on the internet, waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of monetary gains. However, to counteract these malicious intentions, developers have come up with methods of keeping their members safe.
Most apps now have a safe browsing feature that prevents any suspicious and unverified accounts from initiating contact. Above all, every user has to verify their account before they begin to use the features. There are also smart face recognition algorithms that prevent the re-use of pictures preventing catfishing acts.
logo Sugarbbw

Sugarbbw is purely for hookups and for meeting curvacious women. However, Sugarbbw also has many senior yet horny gals searching for men in their 20s to have sex with, making it ideal for ladies to meet college lads. The platform caters mostly to mature meetings, so if you’re searching for a serious relationship Sugarbbw isn’t for you.
The majority of the individuals you’ll find on sugarbbw are from the UK or the US. It has more than 300,000 individuals registered, of which 70% are females, and 30% are males. The age demographic shows that most women on the website are above 35, while men are mostly 20-30 years old.
If you want to indulge in the hookup culture with zero bucks invested at registration, then here are some of the features the registered profiles may avail of on Sugarbbw:
  • Search option with few filtering options
  • Ability to send winks to other members showcasing your interest
  • Ability to view photographs from other profiles

If you want to elevate your online no-strings-attached relationship experience, you’ll be able to opt for premium packages:

  • 1-Month Subscription for $34.99
  • 3-Months subscription for $74.97
  • 6-Months subscription for $101.94
logo OneNightFriend

OneNightFriend is a hookup website. It has many dating niches that allow people of all categories to enjoy a hassle- time looking for a hookup partner. This service has many younger individuals looking to hookup with older women as well, and the age demographics on OneNightFriend favor that.
It is one of the most popular hookup apps, with just under a million members on the platform. The divide between males and females is equal, attributing to a 50/50 percent split in the total accounts. Hence females have a higher chance of meeting men in their youth.
Few features that anyone is able to use on the website include:
  • Sending a limited number of winks
  • Basic search option
  • Five complimentary messages per day
  • Like other profile’s picture in the gallery
Some of the packages that senior members may subscribe to upgrade their online experience include:
  • $39.00 for a 1-month plan
  • $65.70 for a 3-months plan
  • $106.20 for a 6-months plan
logo Ebonyflirt

EbonyFlirt is an online platform developed exclusively for black meetups. Most accounts of EbonyFlirt are black, but others are welcomed for interracial dating as well. Lots of profiles on this service are made by women in their 40s and are interested in going out with cougars; the app has established itself as both a dating and hookup website.
EbonyFlirt has over 500,000 registered accounts, most profiles belong to females (60%), and the rest are males (40%). The platform is open to the LGBTQ community as well. Overall the average age of a user on EbonyFlirt is 30-35 years old.
Some of the features you have at your disposal include:
  • AHot or not game
  • Ability to browse and view complete profiles
  • Ability to send 5 messages
Since the features available for non-paying members are not really helpful when landing a hookup, upgrading to premium is a choice that costs:
  • 1-month premium plan for $28.80
  • 3-months premium plan for $48.60
  • 6-months premium plan for $79.20
logo Flirt

Flirt is an online hookup website for singles, non-singles, and couples looking to indulge in casual relationships. The website is more than 2 million individuals registered worldwide. The majority of these accounts, about 60%, belong to females, and the remaining 40% are males in their 30s. Flirt has mainly females in their 20s and 30s, which is advantageous for seniors trying to find younger men to date.
Some of the services which Flirt is known for include: women
  • Like gallery
  • Ability to add an introduction 30s video
  • Flirtcasts
If you’re looking to upgrade to premium, then here are some packages that are worth investing in:
  • 1-Month paid membership for a total of $34.99
  • 3-Months paid membership for a total of $59.96
  • 6-Months paid membership for a total of $95.94
logo Cougarlife

Cougarlife is an exclusive dating app for hookups and dating for cougars. The website offers mature women a chance to woo younger men without being judged. It has a total of 7 million registered accounts worldwide.
Amongst the registered users, 70% are males, and 30% are females. The competition for females scoring finding a guy is low. Most users on the website are divided into two age groups, the 30s, and 50s. Some of the features that users of Cougarlife are able to take advantage of include:
  • Send flirts
  • App
  • View other profiles
Using non-paid accounts isn’t going to be ideal if you want to score a date. Upgrading to premium is a better option. Some of the pricing on Cougarlife include:
  • 1-Month for a total of $40.00
  • 3-months for a total of $87.00
  • 12-months for a total of $144.00

Stereotypes and Misconceptions about Cougar Dating

Every niche has its misconception and skewed perceptions of those not in the relationship. Some of the most common stereotypes of going out with an older female include:
  1. Cougar when are sex-deprived
  2. Cougars aren’t always in for the sexual aspect of meeting a young guy. Like any other person’s preference in going out with older men or skinny ladies, these ladies have a type they want to date.
  3. Cougars date by giving money
  4. Cougars are your female version of a sugar daddy. They are wealthy and show interest in going out with a broke college student. Still, they aren’t always in a relationship for a sexual encounter. Yet often, their only concern is a one time date, or casual dating experiences!
  5. Cougars don’t take care of themselves
  6. Cougars often pass as single women in their 30s. Most of these ladies take better care of their appearance as they understand how competitive it is against younger, more desirable women.

Where Can I Find Cougar Singles?

Cougar singles are like normal individuals. You will find them everywhere, from clubs, bars to jogging in a park. However, the best place to find them is to search on personalized hookup apps. Other than that, you can find these individuals on:
  1. Yoga studios
  2. Single cougars are all about keeping themselves fit and slim to seem desirable. You’ll often find them doing low-intensity exercises in a yoga studio.
  3. Bookstores
  4. Older females are serious and more focused on self-growth; hence, they can be found in bookstores search for self-help books.
  5. Upscale bars
  6. These bars aren’t your average bars. They’re a one up in taking the bar experience to a whole new level. These bars are saturated by rich women who aren’t afraid of spending a few bucks on these luxuries.

What Kind of People are on Cougar Dating Sites?

Sites like that are filled with ladies in the 30s looking to go out with younger men, but you’ll also find other users on the apps, such as lesbians looking for older ladies to woo. The atmosphere on the forum depends on what kind of site you choose to be on.
Some apps have a sexual atmosphere as they’re meant purely for hookups, while other outlets have members on the website looking for a more serious relationship

How Does a Cougar Dating Site Work?

Cougar dating sites work like any other. You sign up, log in, and begin initiating a conversation and offer one night dates. The most basic information you’ll require when signing up include:
  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Sex
  4. Gender preference
  5. Location
  6. Birthdate
  7. Valid Email Address
A valid email address is an essential element that will require verification before you being using any platform. Once verified, you can move onto adding a profile picture and description. After this, you can avail the features and begin with initiating contact with members.


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