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Know Your Dating Sites: Explore Hookupid Reviews.Trust but verify! There’re lots of sites to find a hookup online, but only a few will guarantee you a great night. Hookupid’s experts checks out and reviews various dating platforms to test the usability and determine which ones to use and what services to avoid.

Best Mature Hookup Sites

Looking for the best websites to meet mature singles? Search no more! Read on to find out about a few sites you need to try. Search no more! Read on to find out about a few sites you need to try. Hookupid presents you with the finest selection of platforms for those who still have lots of energy to mingle with singles even in their autumn years. Pick the one that suits you best and has the top offer, and prepare for the hot adventure!

Are Mature Dating Sites Safe for Singles Over 40?

Well, it depends on the website, but generally, yes! While sites don’t pose a direct danger to you, some less-than-reputable sites don’t help you meet other mature adults & instead aim to steal your personal information. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid them, especially if you stick to the websites we recommend for mature singles 40 and above! We’ve included a couple of different sites for you to check out, and which one you use depends on what you’re looking for. Do you just want a hookup, or are you ready to start dating? Read on to find the perfect mature dating service for you!
logo WantMatures

With 55% mature women & 45% mature men, WantMatures is a great way to connect with other singles ages 35 and above! You can use this site for both dating & hooking up within the online community of over 1 million members worldwide. Free features include sending Winks, saving Favorites, browsing profiles, & checking out the pictures of the users nearby to decide who’s hot and who’s not. Full-sized images of mature singles (AKA a potential hookup) & messaging privileges require a membership. You can get a month of membership for $41.40, but we would highly recommend getting half a year for $111.60 instead (the monthly price comes down to only $18.60!).
logo FlirtyMature

With over 300,000 weekly active users, FlirtyMature is a popular dating website for mature adults looking for a hookup, casual sex, or serious dating. The majority of the women on this website are ages 45+, and men tend to be 35+, so you won’t have any trouble finding mature singles on this dating site. Free users get access to five messages per day, the ability to browse through user profiles, & the opportunity to check out the “Like Gallery.” If you want unlimited messaging on this mature dating & hookup website, then you’ll have to become a premium member. Prices range from $7/week to $48.60 for three months of membership.
logo EbonyFlirt

Ebonyflirt offers the unique opportunity to focus on black-on-black dating or interracial mingling for mature singles looking for something spicy. Whooping 60% of the audience is women looking for fun, a rare and pleasant occurrence that ensures you won’t be bored. Black guys and gals mostly go on Ebonyflirt looking to unwind and invite someone at a party, to hang out, and, of course, to hook up. Mature white and black guys have utmost success here, and a price range for extended features (like messaging and viewing full-size photos) is pretty standard – from around $28 for a month up to $79 for half a year.
logo AskMe4Date

With many members from the US & around the world, is a popular hookup & dating website for adults of all ages. It offers only a couple of features for free; things like messaging and being able to view (non-blurred) photos of other mature adults are unfortunately limited to premium members only. To become a member, you have a variety of options ranging from a single day for $0.99 to a three-month subscription that costs $64.90.
logo EliteSingles

If you’re looking for a mature dating & hookup site, then EliteSingles is a great option. With a perfect 50/50 split of men & women, millions of members worldwide, and most members between the ages of 25 to 54, this site could be a good way to meet mature singles online. Anyone can use the app, but free users also get access to daily matches, sending Smiles & Likes, and a personality test. For paying members, commenting, messaging, and seeing who visited your profile are all features any mature adult serious about finding an online hookup or dating will consider useful. Prices are somewhat expensive, running from $104.85 for three months to $215.40 for a year of membership.

Problems You Might Run Into When Dating Over 40

No matter the age group, there are some common troubles you might have when looking for a hookup or dating online. Fear not - these happen to everyone and are fairly easy to overcome! Some common issues include not getting a lot of messages, not seeing enough people online, and using the wrong site. Fortunately, you can solve these extremely quickly. For the messages, you need to check your profile. Is it completed filled out? If not, this could be why there aren’t any mature adults messaging you about a hookup! If you’re not seeing enough people online, then you’re using the wrong site! Our list above will give you the best sites to try so you won’t have that problem anymore.

How Can I Get Laid Using a Dating App?

Finding a hookup on a dating site (or app) is just as hard (or as easy) as it is in real life. To find these one-night dates, you have to make sure you’re only showing your best self. Did you finish your profile? Do you have a lot of pictures posted? Are you active on the website? You’ll only get what you put into these online dating services, so make sure you put as much effort in online as you do in real life for the best results! You want to make sure you look friendly and approachable, so make sure you smile in your pictures. Also, try to update multiple pictures if possible. Anyone can make a fake account using a couple of photos they grabbed off of the internet, so by uploading multiple pictures, you can make yourself seem more legitimate. The more trustworthy you seem, the more messages you’re liable to get, which is important if you’re trying to get laid online!

What’s the Best Hookup Site or App for Women?

There are many different hookup options for women online, but by far, the best choice is This dating website/hookup service serves members of all ages, not just mature members, which will give you more options. The wide age range can be especially useful if you prefer to hookup with younger men but leave dating to older men.
Although AskMe4Date offers almost no free features to non-paying members, this will actually work in your favor because all of the men you meet will be financially invested. Why is this important? Because it means that they are serious, either about finding a hookup or dating, which means you won’t have to deal with any time-wasters!
Just because the men are invested doesn’t mean you can slack off, though! As usual, you’ll want to make sure your online presence presents you in the best light. This means taking the time to fill out your profile (more details usually result in better matches!), picking the perfect pictures to attract a hookup, and letting people know what you’re looking for if you are looking for dating in addition to a hookup!

Which Hookup Dating Site is Best for Older Men?

For women, the obvious choice was For men, however, we don’t recommend AskMe4Date if you’re looking for a hookup. Instead, you should check out It has a nearly perfect split of men and women, giving you great chances when it comes to meeting women. If you’re wondering why we didn’t choose (which has a perfect split of men & women), it ultimately comes down to price. WantMatures is much more affordable, which can be very important if you’re running on a limited income.
WantMatures can be used for both dating & to find a hookup, which is nice because you can take care of all of your “love life” business on one single service. While you can technically use the site for free, you won’t be able to take full advantage of this site until you sign up for a membership. Fortunately, WantMatures offers fairly low prices for a subscription. The price per month goes down the more months you purchase, so we recommend getting the 6-month plan for $111.60 (which comes out to $18.60 per month).


One of the things that singles are looking for a hookup or dating online are often concerned about is their safety. Is the site works well and keeps my data safe? How do I know that they’re real? Its legitimacy could always be questioned, and you might wonder if your date is who she or he is! Fortunately, thanks to Hookupid, this doesn’t have to be an issue. HookupID allows you to verify the site’s integrity on a variety of popular reviews, so you won’t ever wonder if the site you want to use is “real” ever again (and you’ll know the person you’re talking to is verified). Reading Hookupid reviews makes you much more effective on dating sites because transparency and awareness are always great. Trust is a must – find the perfect fit at Hookupid today