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Best Tinder Hookup Lines to Find Dates

Looking for expert tips on Tinder etiquette and how to date online with the best hookup dating lines? Let’s see how to start a dialogue outside the box and check how best not to start your dialogue.
Often in dating services, we write some nonsense - you can ignore it. But some behaviors are fairly common. For example, when potential partners act as if communicating with them is a prize to be earned. Most often in Tinder, people write "Hello, beautiful or handsome". However, some users can send messages as "If you found 50K on the street, what would you do with them?". It gets attention, but what would you reply, and if such lines get your attention?
Good Hookup Lines
Good Hookup Lines
Sometimes the hookup dating message on Tinder seems to be pleasant, but still frustrating. It could be not "original" lines like "I got a message from an angel." It is immediately clear that a person is sending the same message to everyone and is unlikely to look at the profile beyond the first photo. Therefore, it is better to focus on the good hookup lines. They are simple but sound normal and nice.
Try to show your interest and allow the person to show their individuality at the same time. “How did you make such a photo for your profile picture?” “How long have you been fond of dancing? You have so many photos of your performances!" " Do you also like snowboarding? " This will show that you are interested in communication on Tinder and have done your homework. Come up with a simple question that reveals character and hobbies.
Funny Hookup Lines
Another example is direct questions, which can save time and are simply repulsive or fun. This way, you show a person who is not interested in a person or wants to have fun or hookup.
Simple and funny Tinder phrases help to reveal a person as a person go well immediately. Like, “Which would you choose: the sea with a party or the mountains snowboarding? Summer or winter?" Offer a playful and fun form of communication. For example: "Choose a number from 1 to 5, and I will tell you the fact about myself, which is hidden behind it." Gather facts in advance so that the person would be interested. This technique will be remembered and will make your message stand out from other dialogues.
How to Go from Hookup to Girlfriend Status
Sometimes, people write on Tinder straightly: "Well, to your place or mine?" even instead of a greeting. Against the background of such questions, the usual "Hello, how are you?" doesn't seem like such a bad option. But, most likely, such messages will also not bring you closer to finding someone close in spirit.
Ask the person what is important to you which will help you understand how compatible you are. For example: "How do you imagine a perfect weekend?" It will immediately become clear what a person is fond of in his free time, what an individual likes. Through such Tinder questions, you can learn a lot about a person in an easy conversation and find if a person wants to hook up or start a serious relationship. You can also ask straightly such questions.
Gay Hookup Lines
Gay Hookup Lines
For gay hookup dating, small talk in the format "Hello, how are you?" is suitable for a minute conversation and break the ice. But if you want to get to know a person, the most important thing is to show that you are interested in communication and that the person will be interested in communicating with you. Therefore, you should not send phrases on Tinder that:
  • You could send it to any other person;
  • Make the interlocutor hate a banal response;
  • Do not bring you closer;
  • Are only a waste of time.
This will come in handy, too, with time. You can ask simple questions on Tinder. To figure out the question, take a close look at the profile of the person you like. For example, you can ask: “Are you saving cats/ or you flew to Iceland? Tell me about it!"
Final Thoughts: Be Yourself
No matter how tricky you come up with, sincerity and humor work when thinking of casual hookup dating. If the person is yours, he will catch the wave, and you can hookup and start dating on Tinder. Many of the girls start a conversation with, “Hi, how are you?”. Simple, but it works nicely too. The main thing is not to try to seem like a different person.