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What His Text Messages Mean: Detailed Guide

So how do you understand that a man likes you or not by decoding the text messages? Are you dating a man, but you can't understand how much he likes you? Do you know how he feels about you? His words in the messages that you are the only one do not sound too convincing to you? Hmm! He may not be the best speaker, or perhaps you misunderstand his messages. And yet, how to understand that when you start dating?
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Decoding Guys Texts Easily
Such a question torments many girls and women. And here is another topic from the same series: "How to understand that a man is in love, but hides his feelings?" How complicated everything is in the relationship between a man and a woman! Especially for women who want to understand their beloved man better. Why can't we and, most importantly, honestly talk to each other about our feelings? Why are we afraid? Why do we hide what we feel?
Decoding guy's texts is simple. This is how the psychology of relationships and personality works. First of all, you should get rid of your complexes and be confident. This will help you build a personal relationship, inner strength, and find confidence. The second part, you can understand that a man likes you by the short messages that he sends to your phone. It's time to reveal the meanings of some of the most frequent messages from men. A few phrases on understanding if a man is in love with you when you are on a hookup dating. For example:

#1. "I am so proud of you."

Yes, pride is not the best argument. But in this context, from the lips of a man, he speaks of respect and acceptance due to love. If a man is proud of you, then he loves you. Why? Think about this: Generally, pride means feeling satisfied with your accomplishments. Therefore, if he is proud of a woman's achievements, he equates them with his own. And from this, it follows that he considers you two as one! And he perceives you as his beloved and the only one. Therefore, you can understand whether a man is in love with you by such a short message.

#2. "I already know what we will do after our date."

Such a message can annoy you if your relationship has not yet moved to a level where intimacy has already become the norm at hookup dating. But let's try to be realistic. Does he mean what we thought?
Firstly, such a message can be interpreted quite harmlessly. Perhaps he just prepared a surprise for you in the form of a walk along the embankment under the starry sky. Secondly, even if he means intimacy after a hookup dating night, think, is it that bad? The way he behaves after this may well make it clear that a man likes you, and not just another achievement on his way of sex exploits. After a successful date, spending the night together can very well mean taking things to the next level in your relationship. If a man does not disappear from your life after one of these nights, then he has long-term plans for you.
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How to Respond When He Says He's Busy
After such a message when he says he is busy, that probably is true. You should not conclude that “all of them are just bad people who ignore you or avoid you”. Perhaps you can understand if a man is in love with you, you wrote the truth. Or, if you are still in the hookup dating stage, you can ask him straightly if you have any second thoughts about the message. In any case, if you don't like something, you always have the choice to leave.
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Is He Just Being Nice Texting Me Back?
Do not be that suspicious when getting such messages. It may seem to you that this is some special tactic, the purpose of which, one way or another, is to drag you into bed. My advice to you is not to try to see what is not in reality. Keep it simple and learn to understand the words exactly as they sound when starting a hookup dating. There is no need to look for hidden meaning in everything.
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Final Thoughts
Although, perhaps, you have a completely different point of view and it seems to you that strange messages are a manifestation of a man, try to keep calm and see real things as they are written. Reading them, do you imagine that he is sitting all in tears with a detached look or having an affair with another girl at the same time? If so, then you have a very violent fantasy. Be straight with a guy, ask questions if you want to, and trust your inner feelings.