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What Does Hooking Up with Someone Mean?

Hookup is now a norm in our society. And many people prefer it to any other form of relationship. But I’ve always wondered why hookup meant different things to different people? Surveys from experts show that while most feel hookup is meeting up with someone to enjoy casual sex, others see it as doing every other “thing” except sex. Hookup involves zero emotional feelings or commitment, it’s just to satisfy the sexual urge, and most people love it because there is no broken heart involved. People can hook up with a friend or a stranger and also for different reasons.
According to a survey polled by on ten thousand readers, 30% hookup with strangers they met on the first day, 64% hooked up with a friend. 21% said they considered hookup because they were drunk, and surprisingly 40% confessed they had a hookup with somebody they love or wanted a committed relationship. Now you understand why each individual feels hookup differently. And many people find it difficult to talk about it with their closest friends, in the same survey 58% said they told their friends.
Once you get the feel of it, you will understand why it is important that you and your hookup partner both agree on what you want. Hookup is very common in college, especially in frat houses or all-night parties where most young adults engage in whatever their drunken minds want. Most times, they take a lot of risks but can’t remember the next morning. Hookup is ambiguous but entails no expectations or emotional risk. It can also lead to something more if both parties share a mutual feeling.
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What Does Hookup Mean to a Guy?
The main component of love and true feeling is openness. It is impossible to be unconscious. It is impossible to be unreal and truly love. Being honest is difficult because it takes a lot of thought to understand your true point of view.
Many men in our society today are shamed for being a virgin, and this makes men search for hookup more than relationships. Men are more independent than women and are also scared that a female hookup partner will expect commitment. Hookup dating for guys is like a subculture, but as humans, they can hookup for various reasons, including:
  • They find you very attractive; men love with their eyes, go for beautiful ladies even when she exhibits annoying characters, and want to hit and go.
  • They don’t want a relationship at the moment; men are a bit scared of commitment and are less likely to show their emotions.
  • To satisfy their sexual urge, when men get horny, anything under a skirt will do, but some do have self-control and will be selective of whom they are hooking up with.
  • For the “culture”: Men, unlike women, are more united in many ways. A guy can hook up with you just because you turn down his friend, or it was a bet.
Hookup dating culture is slowly replacing casual sex. And it means something different to each guy.
Mean to a Girl
What Does Hook Up Mean to a Girl?
Women don’t fancy hookup dating culture as men do. Most girls believe it damages their reputation and make society see them as sluts. Like men, women are involved in hookup dating due to reasons best known to them. Some women hook up to get over their previous relationship, and others want to fulfill their sexual urge. But like I said earlier, the meaning of hook up is different for each individual.
Girls are typically more emotionally invested in a relationship and would prefer commitment to a no-string attached hook up. A girl is less likely to push a hookup because it is not attractive to a greater number of females. And if she pushes for hookup, it is probably because she likes you. Hook up to most women is a chance to connect emotionally with someone they like. Others could do it for excitement or because they were seduced.