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Ladyboykisses.com Review

This is among the many fetish hookup sites in existence for men, women, ladyboys, and other people seeking to have and mingle with a like-minded partner. Ladyboykisses is not a gender-restricting dating site but welcomes all gender on its platform.

While it doesn't have any country as a choice to become a member, it welcomes all and sundry who want to find a partner to love or have fun with. Ladyboykisses.com has successfully connected ladyboys over the past few years making it one of the top admired dating sites throughout the world.

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Pros And Cons


Availability of live-chat
There is the availability of the mobile app for easy surfing
Profiles are kept private
The site is well-established and has a friendly interface
Access to millions of members


There is no anonymous method of payment on the site
There is zero proof of verifying the identity of users
Inability to report spam profiles

Is ladyboykisses legit?

Dating activities on ladyboykisses are legit. Although not every account or profile is genuine, just as it is on other dating sites you are familiar with. However, the site has a record of successful matchmaking in recent years, making it a trusted place to find a soulmate and partner. Illegal activities are reduced as ladyboykisses allow members to reach out to its customer care. When a complaint is lodged about a specific account, the site will monitor the account's activity.

How does ladyboykisses work?

Ladyboykisses works easily by collecting the information on profiles of members. It requires all of its members to carry out registration and sign up. After this, ladyboykisses can auto-match you with millions of members on the platform. Members will be made to set up a detailed profile and their relationship goals made available to other members. The site allows both extended and regional search to connect with different people.

Membership Structure

Ladyboykisses.com has got a convincing membership structure that could easily assure anyone seeking a partner. The site boasts more than 150,000 members from the United States alone, while more than 50,000 people are active weekly on the dating site. The male gender has a 65 percent population on the site compared to the 35 percent of female users.
Ladyboykisses require people to fill out a personality test before members can be registered. Ladyboys have more dominance on the website, but the percentage of women is high too. While most people on this site come from Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, different people from parts of the world make up the remaining population. The women age group on the site ranges from 18 to 30 while make members range from 25 to 50 or more.

Costs and Pricing

Duration Price Total Price
1-Month Gold Membership 40.54 USD / Month 40.54 USD
3-Months Gold Membership 9.01 USD / Month 27.02 USD
6-Months Gold Membership 3.38 USD / Month 20.27 USD
12-Months Gold Membership 1.13 USD / Month 13.51 USD

Ladyboykisses special features

Although, ladyboykisses.com is a premium site. However, various features on the site make the dating experience of users a better one. These features are available for both premium users and paid users for better socialization with each other. Ladyboykisses has a success story page where people can post their testimonials about what they have experienced so far on the site. This feature also allows people to post their sentiments without being charged. The galleries feature a place that allows users that gather their pictures. Users can like lectures here, and the most liked pictures are shown here as well. Another special feature is the zodiac which allows people to indicate their zodiac signs on their profile.

Security And Support

No dating site is completely free from fraudulent activities, and this is why ladyboykisses has put every necessary measure in place to ensure its people are safe and secured. Each of the profiles is scrutinized to find out any kind of information that may have gone against the standard guidelines of the site. The site also has 24-hour customer support and services that will take up any report of account that may have breached its guidelines. This makes it a safer place for members.

Our experiences on ladyboykisses

Our experience using ladyboykisses is a nice dating site with amazing features to get you a partner as quickly as possible. It offers everything one seeks in a dating site, including a personal preference for relationships. The rate of a fake account is at a minimal level compared to other dating sites, while messages are delivered at a quick pace. Members are responsive and waste no time to reply to messages.

Sign Up Process

Sign up Process Ladyboykisses

The signup process on ladyboykisses.com is very easy and simple. It requires prospective users to provide certain personal information. It allows you to add certain information such as WhatsApp numbers and other information, which only takes a few minutes. You will be asked few questions such as why you are signing up, which pops up immediately your details are provided. Among other vital information to provide for completing your registration include a valid email address, location, first name, last name, and lots more.

Profile Creation

Creating a Profile Ladyboykisses

This is more fun than you can ever imagine, as profile creation on ladyboykisses come with ease. Users provide their information once they are signed up. Ladyboykisses.com will ask you the major reason for creating a profile which can be quickly answered by choosing for fun, friendship, relationship, or other genuine reasons. Creating a profile allows you to state on your profile if you are ready to relocate or not. A profile picture will also be required, which will be displayed on your profile for other members to see.


Matchmaking on Ladyboykisses

Ladyboykisses makes it easier to meet a partner through its matchmaking feature. Members with a registered account on the site can easily be matched with other people through the information provided on the user's profile. Ladyboykisses automatically reads your profile and run a check on other people's profile and match you with the ones that have similar information to the one on your profile. This may include your relationship goals, location, and lots more.

Contact Other Users

Reaching out to other people on this dating platform is very easy once you have a registered account. Ladyboykisses has different chatrooms where you can contact other users with thousands of members coming together for general discussion in each of the chatrooms. The auto matchmaking feature is another means provided by ladyboykisses for users to contact each other. For personal privacy, users can use the messaging feature to chat with each other.

Expert's Conclusion
Everyone is enthusiastic about joining this amazing dating site due to its no-frill premium plans and amazing customer support. It is quite a unique dating site to meet both young males and females of your dream without being stressed. Ladyboykisses amazing features are simple to use for a better dating experience.