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How to Make Him Want More Than a Hookup

There are times when you want more than a hookup from a guy you like, but it seems he only wants a hookup. Or you are already engaged in a hookup relationship, but you caught feelings, and you want more than watching movies on Netflix and having sex. You can always switch things up. Here are tips that will help you move the casual hookup dating to a long-term relationship.
  • Don't appear desperate; if you want a relationship with a guy, don't make it look like you are desperate and start clinging to them or requesting a girlfriend's entitlement.
  • Be clear with your needs; telling the guy what kind of relationship you want is the best way to go about it. Let him know that you are not down for hookup.
  • Don't talk about other men; guys will get the feeling that you like another guy or have many "important" men in your life.
  • Don't flirt with his friends; if you want him to feel like a long-term relationship with you would be better than hookups, don't flirt with his friends.
  • Set boundaries: don't be too free with him, don't give too many privileges, and don't appear cheap. Please don't give him the boyfriend's rights.
  • Show off other exciting things about you: don't let him think you are only physically and sexually attractive, show off your hobbies, hidden talents, intellectual or creative abilities. If a guy knows you love one of his favorite hobbies, he will want to talk to you every day, and this can help build a stronger connection.
You do many things to make a guy want more than a hookup, but the most important one is to be bold and straightforward than you don't want a hookup dating partner.
How to Go From Hookup to Girlfriend
When you started hooking up with a guy, you planned to have fun and go home, but you start falling for him along the way. Don't beat yourself about it; you can either push back or move the hookup dating to the next level by following these tips:
  • Ask him out: find a perfect opportunity to ask him out for a date. The best time to ask is right after you've hooked up. If you feel he is getting tense, let him know it's just a dinner between two friends.
  • Understand why he is into hookups. Most guys are into hookup dating because the love life has been a mess, and they have given up. He might be tired of getting rejected every time.
  • Talk about why both of you are single: ask the questions and tell him why you are still single. Find out if he plans on being single for a long time.
You can also make him respect you and slowly create a stronger connection with him. Show him you are more than a hot body and fun to hang out with. And most importantly, know when to stop, some guys are just in for fun, and if you are right in bed, they will accept the relationship only to keep sleeping with you.
How to Turn a Hookup into a Relationship
Starting a hookup relationship can be more comfortable, especially when the other party secretly feels for you. It can also be a bad idea if the other party is in for fun. Many relationships started from hookups, and the tips above can help you turn a hookup into a relationship.It would help if you acted more maturely when you want more than a hookup. Be considerate and understand what your hookup partner wants.
Don't work like you are more than a hookup when he still considers you one. Feelings can be mutual or one-sided. Ensure you show him that you are an awesome person and don't sleep around with other men. Guys will hardly accept a relationship with a girl who sleeps with every man in her life; they fear you might start sleeping with their friends. Live your life outside him, don't be clingy or appear desperate even when you are madly in love with him. Hookup has been the foundation for many healthy relationships. People hookup, then turn friends and then get married.