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5 Tips on How to Initiate Sex & Avoid Awkward Moments

Bringing the idea of having casual sex to life can open the door to the world of friendly sex whenever you want it. To start hookup with a person you like, you can simply by initiating a conversation that contains a sex proposal. It is the hardest part of building this kind of relationship. There is a risk that you will irrevocably ruin the relationship or friendship and be included in the lists of eccentric people. Additionally, your proposal may become public and complicate your social life.
Sure, you can search for hookup at casual hookup sites, retaining your privacy. Let’s see other top tips on how to start having sex, meet people to hook up, and avoid awkward moments.
5 Tips on How to Initiate Sex
Tip 1: Do Not Be Afraid to Start a Conversation
Probably, you already tried to be the initiator of such a conversation, and you can confidently say that there is no way to get rid of the feeling of awkwardness and fear. Let us say that it's okay to want casual sex. Many people will be delighted with such an offer because it is much easier than looking for someone to commit, starting serious relationships, or falling in love. For some people, it is easier to sleep with strangers or people you met online at dating sites.
If your sex offer is rejected, do not rush to get depressed from the collapsed situation. Your friend or matches at the casual hookup sites will forget about this conversation in a few hours. Let’s see alternative best ways to make an offer and minimize the chances of rejection.
Tip 2: Thinking About Right Timing, Place & Situation
The question is when and where to make an offer? An offer to a friend or date at the casual hookup sites to have casual sex should be made after knowing each other a little bit closer. Quick chat and asking questions that reveal character will help you to make the right moves. Yes, there is a great opportunity to find yourself in an awkward situation if you ask a person, not in the right time or place:
  • You can offer a casual friend sex during the flirting or private talk.
  • The offer to start a relationship with benefits should be voiced after the first date with a person, at a romantic place, when you both have the same vibes and mood.
  • Ask private questions when both participants understand exactly what it is about.
Otherwise, it's like asking someone out on a second date before the first. So be aware of the situation and attitude of your possible match.
Tip 3: Initiating Daily Basis Hookup
You can also ask about sex after you've slept with a person. It is necessary to voice the question because the partner may misinterpret the kind of relationship. Direct communication is the key to friendly casual sex. After you have sex with your partner, as soon as possible, propose hookup more. Say something like: “Hey, I felt really good yesterday, and I don't mind repeating it. But I have to make sure we're talking about friendship with benefits, not dating and romance. It's okay if you don't want to; I just decided to be curious, maybe want the same thing."
Do not start a conversation about difficulties in your personal life or unpreparedness for a serious relationship; no one is interested in this, especially friends with privileges.
Tip 4: Having Fun & Flirting
Jokes are your best friends, and flirting can show your real intentions. The more playful and flirty you can be, the more chances you have to clarify the situation. If someone voiced a proposal to try something hot in the bed, do not miss the moment; keep the conversation going. Discuss sex topics, but only in a frivolous tone, later in private or in a message, urge to go from words to actions.
Tip 5: Showing Confidence
Adult life means you should take yourself seriously; then others will take it the same way. So keep it simple, have fun and be serious about your intentions. If you are confident and relaxed (you can pretend), your behavior sets the right tone for the conversation, leading to an agreement between the two parties. Feel free to be a main initiator in the situation, say something like, "I know this sounds like a cliche, but you don't think about becoming friends with benefits?" At the very least, it will bring closer the possibility of simple and fun sex.
Final Takeaway
One way to cope with the situation is to tell your friends that you are looking for some fun and want to hook up or start casual relationships. Do not voice this thought in every conversation unless you are directly asked about your situation or are directly in front of a friend you would like to sleep with, or confident that you can trust a person. This is the easiest way to share an idea and provoke such a relationship. Some of your acquaintances or friends are always willing to come to the rescue in difficult situations, even if it concerns your personal life. Oddly enough, hookup sites work perfectly here.