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How to Hook Up on Tinder: 5 Steps Guide

When you sign up on Tinder, one of the best casual hookup sites, you start by finding the perfect matches around you. Later on, when you guys are a match, you can send your to-be partner a text message saying Hi or Hello to start a conversation. Initiating the conversation is an important part. But how do you progress towards the part when you can be together with your partner?
Could You Hookup on Tinder?
Tinder is a dating app. If you are looking for a hookup, you can do so. Tinder is not necessarily a hookup app. Some members have found long-lasting serious relationships. Some of them have even married their partner from Tinder. Tinder is one of the dating apps which is very well optimized for all operating systems.
Could You Hookup on Tinder
Step 1: Don’t Indulge in Sweetness
You don’t have to be all sweet, caring, and motherly on casual dating sites. Putting photos of your smiling nephew is not going to say hookup. You don’t have to upload nude photographs either. Following are some of the things you don’t do with the photos on Tinder:
  • Vacation pictures with kids
  • Your work photos 
  • You don’t have to be smiling in all photos
  • Don’t ask interview questions on the description
Step 2: Know the Right Text Opener
After you have started your chat with a match on Tinder, you usually start with a “Hi”. But after that, you have to come up with a good hookup opener.
  • “Oh you have a lovely name.”
  • “Your profile picture gets me staring”
  • “I have wanted to see you”
  • “How is your day going”
You can use photo compliments, casual “what are you doing?”, flirty messages, or random questions. Don’t go straight into “Wanna hookup?” or “I want to dig my **** into your ****”. Such comments can move your partner away.
Step 3: Get the Number
The next step after chatting for a while is to get their contact number. And you would want to do it naturally and not sound desperate. If you are a woman asking for her number, it might be easier, but as a guy getting a number can be difficult. Try the following:
  • “How about we talk on the phone”
  • “Let's have a chat. Your number?”
  • “Let’s have an audio chat. Not the one on the website”
Step 4: Ask Her/Him Out
Chatting with your to-be-partner is the best way to know about each other. But knowing is not enough. To hook up, you have to ask him/her out. Ask your partner out to go to a cafe or a restaurant.
Do not ask your partner to come to your home or go to her/his place. That would sound creepy and desperate. You can go and have dinner or lunch at a good place which you know around your place.
Step 5: Say You Want to Hookup
Saying hookup out loud might sound creepy, but your partner needs to know the type of dating you are interested in. This is the time when you casually slip in the fact that you want a non-serious relationship.
Just say that you are interested in casual sex and that you don’t want a serious relationship. When your partner further asks, then you can mention a hookup or a one-night-stand. These are some ways you can say you want to hookup:
  • “So, I am looking for casual dating?”
  • “Are you the serious dating type?”
  • “Saw in your profile, you are looking for something casual. I am in”
In any case, you have to communicate with your partner and trust each other. The hookup culture is here, and many dates are choosing this option as it best suits them, counting on today's reality. Just be open-minded and communicate thoroughly!