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Hookup Culture: What Does It Mean?

Many years ago, sexual intercourse and activity between partners were mostly impossible if you’ve been unmarried, especially in some countries. First, people got to know each other better. Then they started dating, went to cafes and movies. As a result, sympathy arose and grew into sexual attraction.
Today, the culture of sexual relationships has changed. A one-night stand, casual sex, friend sex, friends with benefits, hookup dating ー these all are considered a normal phenomenon, and it is even now called a hookup culture. Why did this happen, and what is a hookup, let's figure it out.
Hookup Culture

History of Hookup

Casual hookup and short sexual contact between people took place in the last century. When many entertainment activities such as cinemas and nightclubs emerged, young people left the parental home to search for sexual intimacy.
In the 60s, hippies embraced the sexual revolution, and people became more liberated in sex. Young people who did not achieve emotional maturity wanted sex and no responsibility in the relationship.
Donna Freitas was one of the first to talk about hookup culture. The author explained this term as "a rational form of sexual relations, purely physical in nature." So sex should not have unnecessary emotional connections, just satisfaction of physical needs.

So What Is Hookup?

Today, in accessible information, when many resources are available online, the media and dating websites popularize sexual relationships. There are no limits and rules in the sexual culture. Sex without love and emotions has become the normal thing in our society.
Unsurprisingly, a hookup way of dating is even a culture where you can simply check out the dating app, write to a potential partner, and have fun and sex whenever you have a need. These can be casual dating, flirting, or friends with benefits dating that lead to intercourse or oral sex between two or more partners. It is considered that casual hookup does not require a lot of time and cost and is suitable for modern people who:
  • Do not want a serious relationship
  • Have past love trauma
  • Do not want to waste their time on romantic things
  • Do not ready to commit
  • Already have a partner, but want new “sensations”
  • Want to experience something new in sex
Thanks to online casual hookup sites, people can satisfy their sexual needs and not think about responsibility or that someone has been offended. Both partners can have casual sex and light relationships without commitment.
According to statistics earlier, mostly men were engaged in hookup. Now, women are equally using hookup casual sites and date online. Although many women have casual sex or hookup. Still, they are hoping to start serious relationships eventually or women are trying to find long-term relationships this way.

Hookup Dating: How to Find a Partner?

Hooking up through dating sites occupies a leading place. There are many applications to choose from, but it is not always easy to figure out how to use the platforms and which one to choose. Different sites suit different people. Not to mention, scams seem to be common on many of the platforms. Therefore, it is great to check the service and read reviews.

What to Look for When Choosing a Website for a Casual Hookup

  1. Cost. Most of the dating websites offer free basic membership and paid subscriptions with extra benefits features. People might put up with high monthly bills to find their other half, but it's slightly different for casual hookup services.
  2. Interface. You need to pay attention to whether it is easy to navigate the site. While younger users tend to be tech-savvy and easily take advantage of the opportunities, older people interested in random chats can find some services inconvenient. The site and app should be easy and accessible. Thus, website design, tools, layout affect the ranking of apps.
  3. Gender. A higher percentage of women users at the site can surely benefit male users. Still, if you are looking for both genders, you need to choose an appropriate service that offers many profiles of both genders and is focused on a certain target audience and parameters like bisexual dating.
  4. Geolocation. The location of your potential partner is essential. This is especially true if you want to find a partner for sex quickly and nearby.
  5. Communication tools. How does the platform enable users to connect with potential partners? Can you only send messages to people who "like" you? How private is your communication?
You should pay attention to all these points when choosing dating sites. Don't forget about safety on dating sites. When providing personal information, make sure the site is popular and secure. Fraudsters can take advantage of your trust. In another case, you can explore what hookup is and start dating online with a few clicks. Enjoy!