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Ethical Hookup Partner: 6 Top Tips to Follow

First of all, know that hookup is not a bad thing. Nowadays, there are various casual hookup sites to find a partner for yourself. Having a serious relationship with someone only to break up later and break their heart is worse. It is better to let them know that you want a casual thing for now.
Hookups can be fun, and they can up your sex life by double or triple. Of course, the primary measure to be taken is having safe sex. Use a condom or vaginal caps during intercourse. Also, there are various other things you have to consent to, which will be listed below.
Ethical Hookup Partner
How to Make Sure You Are Both Ready to Hookup
To make sure you are ready to hook up and if the hookup is ethical, you have to consent from your partner. You and your partner must give consent to having sex. Also, you should know that you can say no if you don’t want to do it right now, regardless of the time and the fact that you are on a dating website.
Also, you have to get yourself tested regularly for STDs. If you have any infection, you should let your partner know. Also, safe sex is the most important thing whether or not the STD screen is clean or not.
Get Yourself Tested
Well, one of the ways to be ethical in a hookup is to get your STDs tested. You don’t have to have an infection to get tested. It is a screening method to prevent the spreading of infection. Sometimes certain casual hookup sites or your partner might ask to see your test results.
Although that might be rude it is your partner’s right to know. It is not a shame to get tested. If you come out positive for a certain test, you should share it with your partner. For example, you got Chlamydia 2 years ago and got proper treatment for that and did not have any outbreak afterward.
Provide Emotional Support
You might think that there is no connection in a one-night-stand, but you will have some physical and emotional connection during time you guys are together. Do not break that bond by saying rude and sexist comments. A hookup doesn’t mean you have to be emotionless.
A hookup also doesn’t mean you cannot become serious later on. Don’t shut off your emotional bonding with your partner. It is only ethical if you are emotionally connected to another human being while having sex.
Chat About It
It is ethical to let your partner know about your intentions. Just luring them by pretense will not look good in the long run. Breaking up with someone or dumping someone and being a playboy doesn’t make you look cool.
If you want a serious relationship, you have to either mention it in your description or talk about it in the chatroom. If not, tell your partner that you are in this dating thing for a casual fling.
Know What You Want
Sometimes you can get caught up with the idea of hookup and that you have to perform better in bed. Performance anxiety can make you do things you don’t want to do. Always know that nobody is perfect at sex. It is a subjective feeling.
Consider the fact that there are various forms of intercourse and foreplay methods. Even the number of positions out there is numerous. So if you know what you like, you should tell that your partner. If you don’t like something your partner is doing to you, you have to let them know.
No Shaming
In the world of hookups, men are considered playboys while women are considered a slut. The idea is the same, while the feeling behind those words is opposite. But if you are looking for a hookup partner, you cannot think of such women as sluts.
They are just as same as the men are, looking for a fun one-night-stands. Just because she is on a dating site and she agreed to go on a date, that does not mean she wants to have sex with you. Only when she says yes to wanting to have a hookup is when she is ready for sex.